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Woman In Charge


My latest installation “Woman In Charge”Woman In Charge


Car Pool: High Dive

Car Pool: High Dive is a serious/playful assemblage that celebrates the history of car manufacturing in Australia and mourns its sad passing. The toy cars and their makes/types refer to the association of cars with vital aspects of Australian life. The industry itself and the hundreds of thousands of jobs it has provided over the decades. The utes, jeeps and pick-up trucks essential to other industries like freight, farming and travel. The family car, the community car pool, the car as status symbol, its high status in leisure/ entertainment: car racing, children’s playthings, collectables.


The rusted diving board provokes the question, did the Australian car industry commit suicide or was it pushed?


karleena_mitchel-3152 medium karleena_mitchel-3132 medium


31.4167°N 34.3333°E

The heart of the innocent child, held in the cupped hand of maternal love as a symbol of ancient faiths.


The heart pierced by indiscriminant carnage, loss, misery, displacement and death.


The fragility and small size of the piece belies the potency one act of war can have on humanity.


mitchell_karleena_untitled _image 1 mitchell_karleena_untitled _image 2


Gold Coast City Gallery Dec 2013

I was excited to be selected to have my sculpture “Too Much Reality” shown in the Gold Coast City Gallery.


The exhibition opens on the 7th December 2013

Gold Coast City Gallery

135 Bundall Rd, Surfers Paradise.Too Much Reality


Queensland Art Gallery Art Prize 2013

Selected for the Queensland Art Gallery Art Prize 2013

Too much Reality

Opens on 7th December until 9th Feb.


Sculpture News

My article in World Sculpture News for my sound installation “Cacophony”.
Sculpture News

Sound installation for the McClellan Survey & Award 2012

Sound installation for the McClellan Survey & Award 2012


Women In Charge, SOHO20Gallery, NY

Babies, Guns, Jesus

Women In Charge, SOHO20Gallery, Chelsea, NY.

Photographic display


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